From Zero to Sixty

Welcome to my blog ^__^ Mrow

Hello there!

I intend this blog as a way to keep friends and family updated on the adventures of Sir Winston S. Churchill (best cat ever), D and I.

Life has become a mess of insane goodness. June 27th, 2011 will forever stand out as a catalyst for our little family. My husband (D) got news that his dream of nearly a decade had finally come true: the foreign service offered him a place in the September A-100 class!!! Woot!

This changes everything. In the best possible way.

Over the past year I completed a Master’s of Arts in teaching (secondary ELA) in NYC and after graduation in early June I had begun the depressing search for work. Between hiring freezes and a bevy of competition the search was rather grim. This new adventure allows me a little more flexibility and a whole lot less stress about finding a teaching job RIGHT NOW AHHHHH!!! Which is great because it means that I can be a bit pickier about sending my resume out rather than doing the typical apply to fifty job openings and hope that two email me back. It also helps that my partner is so ecstatic about the new job that allows such a privilege. The short term job search, however, is still very much in progress and perhaps gaining a few more miscellaneous certifications.

I hope to find work teaching ESL courses in whatever country we happen to be posted but there is a good chance we will go to China since D has Mandarin as a critical language. Teaching English in China should be very do-able, we shall see (fingers crossed!).

So, other than obsessively scouring all the other FSO and EFM*  blogs out there, all we have to do now is enjoy our time left in Kentucky with family and friends and continue to prepare for the move to DC.

*EFM stands for Eligible Family Member (Me!), which means I am eligible to travel with D


Sir Winston (or Winnie as he is affectionately known by many 🙂 ), my very fat cat, is the namesake of this blog and we all hope you enjoy following his travels as he becomes an international kitty.

Sir Winston’s Story

I adopted Winnie from the NYC ASPCA on September 9th, 2010. I had just begun my masters degree roughly two weeks after receiving my undergraduate degree in literature studies. The move to upstate NY for the summer  quarter and NYC for the fall quarter  was far far away from my sweetheart, friends and family (who all primarily live in KY and VA). I decided that if I was going to survive this year I needed a feline companion and I wanted to adopt a rescue cat. As is in my nature, I scoured the ASPCA website and looked at the cats available and decided on at least three that I would love to meet and perhaps adopt. However when I actually went to the ASPCA and toured the adoptable cats it was Winston, this shy and scared four year old cat who won my heart.

He had been in the shelter for five months, a very long stay for most cats. The lady at the shelter told me that he had a very hard life before he came to them and was missing a few of his teeth but otherwise he was in good health. Even on the first day I could see the potential sweetness despite the obvious distrust and fear he exhibited. He allowed me to pet him and the woman at the shelter said this was quite amazing as he normally would have nothing to do with strangers, his fear overwhelming any desire for affection. She assured me that once he trusted a person he was very loving. I knew I had found my companion and that Winnie would have a forever home with me. We would be misfits in this crazy city together and we were. He definitely helped me get through a very tough academic program and now he will travel the world with my husband and I. I decided to name him after Sir Winston Churchill because I felt he deserved a name that spoke of dignity and strength, qualities which he had shown in his ability to trust and love despite most likely experiencing some of the worst aspects of the world.

Well I think I have rambled on enough for the first post. I will try to post often although I am new to the blogging world. Beware, this blog will contain many many pictures of my adorable cat and whatever culinary creation I have whipped up at the moment as well as Foreign Service related happenings. If that isn’t your cup of tea, well, you have been warned 🙂




2 thoughts on “From Zero to Sixty

  1. Aw, Becks, what a cute story about adopting Winston. I never knew his history, but now I can say he is one lucky cat to have been found by you. I’m looking forward to reading your stories about life in the foreign service, so keep posting. I love living vicariously through others. And yay, I get to be your first commenter!

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