Move One, Two and Three

Move One

On Sunday D and I will be moving from our current apartment into an extended stay hotel here in Lexington. The lease is up on the 31st at the current apartment so we will be packing up the car and Winston for the relative comfort of the hotel. Hey, at least it has a pool (or so I’ve been told) and a kitchen. That’ll do.

D and I will be getting hitched! in Louisville on the 6th of August. We are planning a tiny impromptu ceremony in one of the parks in the city with around 15 of our closest friends and family. It will be a relatively low key affair. I will have a veil, bouquet, and pretty white sundress but otherwise very little fanfare. After the ceremony we will have dinner with our guests at a yet to be decided restaurant in Louisville. I am getting super duper excited. D and I got the marriage license on Tuesday and I was really happy to see that they still ask for your parent’s full name. It made me happy because I have been doing a lot of genealogy research for my family tree and marriage licenses have been very helpful. I like knowing my future family members might one day find my marriage license and it will help them build a picture of their ancestors 😀

Foreign Service Stuff

Everyone keeps asking when we are going to China so I thought I might explain a little further the process on here. Which involves explaining…

Move Two

The second move D and I will do together is the move to DC. We will be heading to DC around the second week of September. That is when D starts his A-100 class! During A-100, which is a six week intensive introduction to the Foreign Service and general diplomatic life, we will get a list called a bid list (probably around the second week). This bid list contains all the countries that have job openings and we will have to look at the list and bid on every country, deciding whether the country is a high, medium or low priority. We then will turn that list into D’s career counselor and they will discuss stuff with us and then we wait. Until the last week of A-100. One of the last days of A-100 there is a day called Flag Day. On Flag Day we find out where we are going to be sent abroad. D has worldwide availability so it could be anywhere.

Once we figure out where we are going we may leave very soon or if more language training is necessary we could be in DC another four to six months, possibly longer. Which leads to

Move Three!

The move abroad! It will involve lots of packing and sorting! I don’t have much to say about that yet but will definitely keep you posted 😀

Things are going pretty great here, I have a fat cat sleeping next to me and I can’t seem to shake the urge to constantly make rice pudding. There are definitely worse fates to be had.



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