Getting Ready for Packout!!!

In a week we will be doing our first Foreign Service packout!! So excited! So much work to do!!!

So far we have started an inventory of all our items: DVDs, CDs, Kitchenware, Books etc

Next we have to decide what goes in UAB, HHE, the things that go with us and what will go in storage. We also have to start thinking about what we need to buy. These are tough choices to make considering we have to choose wisely about what we choose to travel with us. I have been looking at gorgeous cookware that is both pretty and useful. The ability to go from the stove as cookware to table as serving dish is the goal!

Okay, so I know I have been throwing around some alphabet soup:

UAB: Unaccompanied Air Baggage- This is the shipment that will arrive within two weeks after we move to DC. UAB can weigh 450 lbs (counting packing weight); we will put the most important items in this shipment such as cookware, entertainment and clothing..

HHE: House Hold Effects- This is the big one! HHE can hold up to 17,000 lbs, however we can only get 7200 of that shipped overseas to us at one time, so if we had more than that in HHE it would be considered storage. Thankfully D and I have nowhere near that amount haha. Whatever we put in HHE, we won’t see until we are overseas for at least a month or two. We won’t have access to HHE while in DC but thankfully we can add to it.

Storage: Pretty much whatever in our HHE that is beyond the 7200 lb HHE shipment that will go with us overseas is considered storage. It is highly unlikely we would have such a storage but still good to keep in mind.

Consumables: If we are sent to a country where it is tough to get certain consumables, we will get a 2500 (ish) lb allotment for such consumables. Our consumable list will definitely include cat food, cat litter etc. Anything else will depend on where our first post is located and what it has in store for us!

We are not allowed to pack anything ourselves but we will be organizing the different shipments into piles so that when the movers get here on the 8th we will be ready!

So exciting!



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