Packout is Imminent!

Only two days left  before the epic road trip to DC commences!

Oh my goodness, we are so excited to get out of this hotel room and into a real apartment! (Even poor Winston is antsy and sick of the small space! My fat boy needs his morning constitutional i.e. running up and down the hallway three to four times haha).

Tonight we have to pack up the things that will be going into the car with us and sort out all the things that belong to the hotel. Wouldn’t want to accidentally take any of their stuff! Early tomorrow morning (around 6 am) we will get up and sort all of our stuff in piles of HHE and UAB and put the car stuff in the car.

The movers should arrive around 9-10:30 tomorrow to do the weighing and packing. No clue how long it will take but we will have drinks and snacks for them!

After the packing is done our hotel will be a lot less crowded thankfully and we will head out to WV/VA early Friday morning. We will be visiting my family and staying in a hotel in my hometown on Friday night. Then we will head on to DC midday Saturday.

We are both very anxious to get started but also a bit nervous about what this new and unexpected life holds.




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