UAB Arrived!!!

Just a quick update:


Our UAB arrived last week! After opening all of those boxes our apartment was a complete mess! So much laundry to do and dishes that needed to be put away. We have nearly all of it done, still few loads of laundry that need to be washed. I was sad to find out that my blender and dough scraper were accidentally put in HHE instead of UAB. Oh well. I can do without them for now, I suppose.

Getting UAB is oddly a lot like Christmas, you forget about some of the stuff you packed and so somethings are a surprise!

D and I have been super busy the past week. I am finishing a huge project this week and I will be super glad to be finally done. I will be relieved of a lot of stress once it is finished and will have time to get to some crafty projects I have been wanting to do.

I’m going to get back to decimating the evil project! Hopefully by the next time I post I will have words of victory to shout!


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