Flag Day!!!

Flag day was an absolute whirlwind. The night before I went to a show at the Kennedy Center with a good friend from undergrad. The show was a tribute to the works of Rodger and Hammerstein. It was awesome with a big heaping of awesomesauce. Thank you, Friend!!!

So, after a late night, I was quite tired the next morning but Flag Day beckoned. So many questions would be answered!

Where are we going? When are we going? What will the weather be like? Will I be able to get a job? How long will we be in DC? Will we get one of our high choices? What if we got one of our low choices? What if I immediately dislike the assignment we are given? What if I adore it?

These are all very plausible and understandable emotional reactions.

One of the big caveats about this job is the certainty that we will eventually have to go somewhere we don’t want to. It is just the nature of the job and world wide availability is a very real concept. The trick is getting past that initial feeling of: OMG, THEY WANT TO SEND US WHERE?!!?!!!???!! Ahhhhh!!!

Photo courtesy of Fark.com

and instead channeling my inner Tim Gunn and “MAKE IT WORK, PEOPLE!!!!”

Photo courtesy of Vitodibari.com

Or something like that.

All that aside, D and I are both over the moon excited about our first post. LOME, TOGO!! August 2012!!!!!!

Courtesy of Wikipedia

We only had about 8-10 posts listed as our high choices and Togo was one of them. We didn’t expect to get one of our high choices at all so we are very very happy that we did!!! D and I both are really excited about living in West Africa and we will be in good company. One of D’s classmates will be joining us at the same post and we have others in posts nearby. We consider ourselves very lucky.

I will share more info about Togo as I learn more about the post and country!