Passing the Two Month Mark!

We are more a week past the two month anniversary of our arrival in Togo! The past weeks have absolutely flown by! I started teaching at the American International School about a week or so after we arrived and we haven’t stopped moving since. School is keeping me very busy, some days are hard and some days are wonderful. Today was a wonderful day.

I was able to write a positive letter informing a parent that his/her child worked very hard in my class and was a very good student today (this was a student who had trouble getting motivated before and finishing assignments, which is always frustrating to both teachers and parents). Today (Oct 5th) was also International Teacher Appreciation day and our director surprised the teachers with cake and soft drinks. It was a nice surprise but the best surprise of all was the thank you card that my students made telling me that they loved having me as a teacher (and that they appreciated that I didn’t give too much homework, which isn’t entirely true so I think they were trying to pull a fast one on me. HA!) It was all so very sweet and I really loved and appreciated every moment of it.

Since this is such a small Foreign Service post, everyone really works hard to bring everybody together for social gatherings, cookouts etc. I have made so many good friends in the past few weeks, including school colleagues, embassy staff, adjacent organizations such as Peace Corps and other random expatriates. Last night D and I took part in a Pub Quiz to raise money for various charities and it was a lot of fun with great company, food and drinks.

We finally received our HHE and consumables! We have everything mostly put away, but there are still lingering piles of clothes, random papers etc. It feels amazing to have our photos on the walls. The house definitely feels like a home now.


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