We Are Now a Family of Four: Meet Seneca

Roughly two weeks ago D and I were eating at San Marco (a local pizza place near our home) with one of D’s co-workers after attending a farewell party for one of our awesome marines (who we already miss so much!) and another wonderful embassy co-worker. I was starving and really excited to get my usual mushroom pizza and Sport Actif (a local grapefruit and lemon soda, kind of like Squirt). I had been sick earlier that day, so I was tired and looking to eat my first real meal of the day.

Suddenly this tiny little ball of orange and white fur caught my eye. It was an itty-bitty, skinny kitten and he was wandering from table to table looking for food scraps. He was so tiny, grimy and obviously hungry and I was in love. At first sight, he was mine. I knew this kitty was going home with us. He had to, he needed us! I already knew his name and everything! He was Seneca and he belonged with us.

Seneca: Look at that Togolese Sass!

My husband was not so convinced, he reminded me that we planned to get a puppy when we returned to the states after finishing our post in Togo. Having a ratio of more animals than adults can be really difficult in the Foreign Service. As much as I would love a puppy, this kitten needed us now and Togo doesn’t have any sort of shelter system. The hypothetical puppy that we would have adopted from the ASPCA still has a better chance at a good life than this vulnerable little tabby.

There was still one problem to consider, however. Winston.


We already have one adult cat who is very skittish and we were worried that the kitten might expose him to some disease or another. D and I decided to take the kitten home (after bribing him with some ham), quarantine, and take him to a vet as soon as possible. This was a Thursday. We got him to a vet by Saturday morning. Thankfully the vet pronounced him healthy. He gave him worm medicine, de-flea’d and vaccinated him.

That Saturday he was officially pronounced a permanent part of our family 😀

We expected Seneca to be a bit feral but he has adjusted to being a loved on house cat quite quickly. He is lovable and constantly purring. He loves to cuddle and sleep on our chests.

Winston is starting to come around, at first there was much hissing but now Winston will just walk away when Seneca tries to play or love on him.


We love our Togolese kitty and I knew my New Yorker cat would come around eventually. Probably.


6 thoughts on “We Are Now a Family of Four: Meet Seneca

  1. I got a kitten in much the same way at my second post. Spoiled first cat eventually came to terms with her, and as long as he can punch her in the face without provocation, he’s willing to tolerate and even to snuggle her from time to time. Congrats!

    1. Thank you!!! I think that is how Winston will acclimate as well. He has already shown Seneca the rules about personal boundaries when Seneca tried to clean Winston’s ears. There was some definite head bopping going on!

  2. You don´t know me from Adam but yet I dare venture a comment here – this story is just too cute! I am Marion, Judith Schmidt´s aunt, and Dan was kind enough to link me to your blog, knowing how much I loved the thought of Sir Winston travelling the world with you.
    I´m so glad this little one got a second chance at a good life and I hope you will keep us updated and photograph him often. Winston and he will eventually learn to get along, the hissing stage will pass. It´s wonderful seeing kitties getting friends with each other.

    1. Marion,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Any family or friend of Judith and Dan’s are more than welcome! I am so glad that you enjoyed the blog and I will definitely continue updating Winston and Seneca’s adventures! Again, thank you. Perhaps one day we can meet in real life, until then I look forward to knowing you more in this online world 🙂

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