Let’s try this again, shall we?

Long time, no blog. Since my last post in March 2013, lots of stuff has happened.

Imagine that.

We went on R&R to France and Germany (August/September 2013), visited a monkey sanctuary in Ghana (January 2014), finished our first tour in Togo (August 2014) and returned back to the US for our first home leave. During home leave we visited friends and family in Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia. We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with a fancy schmancy dinner at 610 Magnolia. A gustatory delight, for sure.

September 2014 marked the beginning of our training for our second post in Guangzhou, China. D and I both completed language training at FSI (I availed myself of the 8 week FAST course. I am, alas, not a keen linguist). D is now making his way through ConGen and I am running around like a headless chicken trying to prepare ALL THE THINGS for our move in roughly TWO WEEKS.