The Five Stages of Pack Out

Denial: We’ve got 7 months until packout. TRA LA LA LA

Anger: We are never buying anything ever again. Do you REALLY need to keep those socks from 9th grade?! They are missing three toes!

Bargaining: Okay, if you haul all the consummables crap from the car, I will go through and sort the clothes to get rid of. Please, not another Costco trip, please. Dear God, I beg of you. We don’t need shampoo! Who uses shampoo these days, I mean, really? We can just go au natural.

Depression: The movers are coming tomorrow and our UAB and HHE is still not fully sorted. Pretty sure we just guaranteed ourselves a miserable life.

Acceptance: The movers are here. There is nothing else we can do, time has run out. Bring the wine and anchor down beside me on the couch. We might never see all this crap again, but really, who cares? Mmm…wine.

I wrote the following after a very stressful day spent organizing for our upcoming pack out to China and quickly shared it on Trailing Houses. I figured it would give a few people a laugh. Holy moly! It did, indeed. I was tickled pink. The response was enormously gratifying.

Now as I sit here and watch the movers carry our things away, I can’t help but be so grateful for the FS community. Having the ability to share the joys and grievances of this lifestyle with someone who understands is such a gift.